Digital Ocean (DOKS)

Connect your Digital Ocean Kubernetes clusters to Infra App.


Download the cluster's config file

Log into Digital Ocean, click on Kubernetes in the sidebar, and then click on the cluster you want to connect to Infra App. On the main cluster view click on Download Config File.

Add the cluster's config file into Infra App

In Infra App, click on File → Add Configuration

Choose configuration file you downloaded from Digital Ocean. Infra App will automatically connect to the cluster.

You're done! You can switch to your cluster anytime via the cluster switcher:

On older versions of Kubernetes, the certificates in Digital Ocean DOKS configuration files expire after 7 days. Read more here on how to renew the certificates in this case.

Installing Metrics Server

Digital Ocean Kubernetes clusters don't include metrics server by default. To install metrics server, follow the installation guide provided by Digital Ocean.

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