Getting started

Get started by connecting Infra App to your Kubernetes Clusters

Download Infra App

Visit to download the latest version of Infra App

Additional instructions for Linux AppImage

If using the AppImage format, make sure to mark the app as executable. For example, on Ubuntu, this can be done by right-clicking on the AppImage file, clicking on Permissions, and then "Allow executing file as program"

Or on the command line, runchmod +x ./Infra-0.43.0.AppImage

Connect your Kubernetes cluster

Upon starting, Infra App will automatically look at your local Kubernetes configuration to discover clusters you have access to.

Not seeing any Kubernetes clusters?

If Infra App doesn't detect your Kubernetes clusters check out one of the guides below on connecting Infra App to an existing Kubernetes cluster.

If you don't have a Kubernetes cluster, we recommend trying Infra App with Docker Desktop.

Locally discovered clusters appear in the Cluster Switcher, as shown below.

Infra App will automatically load your active cluster, if you have one:

And that's it. You're up and running with Infra App.

Connection guides for common Kubernetes providers

pageAmazon Web Services (EKS)pageGoogle Cloud Platform (GKE)pageDigital Ocean (DOKS)pageDocker DesktoppageMinikube

If you aren't using any of the above, check out the this guide on connecting any other Kubernetes cluster.

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