Editing Resources / Nodes
Edit a workload to make ad-hoc changes

Use Cases

Editing a resource or node can be handy for several use cases:
    Changing resource constraints
    Scaling a resource (by editing the workload's replicas field)
    Updating the workload image to trigger a rollout of a new version

Editing a Resource

First, click on the workload in Infra App. Then on the YAML tab:
Next, make changes to the YAML directly inline. You'll notice the Apply button become clickable. Click this button and confirm your changes to continue.
That's all. Your workload should now begin to reflect your changes.

Common Errors

    Version out of date this can occur if the workload is updated in the background while making edits. Click Revert and then re-apply changes on the latest version of the workload.
Last modified 11mo ago